Biden, Blinken, and Austin Accused of “complicity” in the genocide in Gaza; Judge gives the accused 60 days to respond

 On the same day the International Court of Justice issues its Order related to the same claim brought by South Africa against Israel , Fr...

CNN asks: Why would you kill a grandmother?

Sara Khreis replays the last day she spent with her mother over and over in her mind. Their family had spent weeks agonizing over whether to...

The International Court of Justice issues its preliminary decision in the genocide case filed by South Africa against Israel and rejects the latter's request to dismiss the case

In a preliminary ruling, the ICJ affirms the right of Palestinians in Gaza for protection against genocide The Court, relying on statements ...

Media reports: Israel has had a population transfer plan for Gaza years before the Oct. 7 “al-Aqsa Flood”

 Media reports suggest that European official now have firsthand information about an Israeli plan to transfer Palestinians to an artificial...

The mother of an Israeli prisoner accuses IDF of killing her son and his companions with the poison gas they pumped into one of the Gaza tunnels

The Israeli media revealed that the Israeli army recovered from a tunnel in Jabalia in the northern Gaza Strip the bodies of soldiers Ron Sh...






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