KARĀMA's Editors, Moderators and Contributors  strive to provide the public with reliable, sourced, critical information with an impact on human rights. This information is culled from public sources and/or supplied by advocacy organizations and persons from around the world. The common cause is to raise awareness about the universal abuse committed by the powerful against the vulnerable regardless of the background. 

This site is a public community resource. It is open to individuals and representatives of NGOs working in the field of human rights to share andpublish information and documents

NGO representatives are invited to register for account to be able to upload content relevant to human rights. Alternatively, representatives and individuals may submit materials using the online form on this site (see right hand side bar).



Content and Trigger Warnings:

This platform is an education resource that explains human rights norms, laws, and institutions. The platform documents cases of human rights abuses. As such, content of this platform may include disturbing violence, cruelty, offensive language, and trauma connected to supremacy and conflict; reader and view discretion is advised.


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