Report: US admits dams in Pacific Northwest have devastated Native Americans

In a new report, US says dams killed off salmon, inundated villages and burial grounds, and spirited wealth away from tribes. The US governm...

Leonard Peltier, Native activist imprisoned for nearly 50 years, faces what may be 'last chance' parole hearing

Leonard Peltier, the Native American Native American activist who has been imprisoned for nearly half a century for the murders of two FBI ...

Suppression of Indigenous peoples at the hands of Western colonizers: The case of New Caledonia and Basque

Deadly violence continued for a third night in the French Pacific territory of New Caledonia over a proposed change to France's Constitu...

Inuit Greenlanders demand answers over Danish birth control scandal

 Denmark and Greenland have formally agreed to launch a two-year investigation into historic birth control practices carried out for many ye...

The Anglo-Saxon Extermination of the Indigenous Peoples of the Americas: The Genocidal Action of U.S. Government since 1776

The story of the United States is often painted as one of progress and liberty. Yet, woven into the fabric of this narrative is a dark threa...






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