Israeli Whistleblower Reveals the Treatment of Gaza Detainees at the hands of the Israeli armed forces

A recently leaked image of Gaza detainees in Israeli detention camps shows Palestinians confined in cages, with their hands tied and blindf...

Media Reports on Israel's abuse of Palestinians: The horrors of Israel's shadowy detention facility for Palestinian prisoners

Recently, CNN decided to investigate the conditions under which Palestinian are held. It was denied access. It relied on the recollection of...

Figures and facts about Palestinian prisoners in Israeli prisons

The Palestinian institutions concerned with the affairs of prisoners in Israeli occupation prisons issued a fact sheet regarding the reality...

Israeli doctor: Israeli military and health services are violating the “Detention of Unlawful Combatants” law, which Israel amended last December

 An Israeli doctor working in the secret prison established by the Israeli occupation army in the Negev after the attack of last October 7 r...

French officials reactions to scenes documenting an Israeli soldier of French origins treatment of blindfolded Palestinians

 French Foreign Ministry spokesman Christophe Lemoyne described the scenes of an Israeli soldier of French origin abusing and mocking blindf...

Torture in USA: First of 6 officers gets 20 years over torture of two Black men

 The only thing that is universal about human rights is that human rights abuses are universal—they take place in every society. In modern t...

Ajith Songhai, rep of the UNCHR: Horrific details of the circumstances of Israel's detention of thousands of Palestinians in Gaza... Humiliation, stripping, searches, and insults beyond imagination

Israeli forces have likely detained thousands of men in the Gaza Strip since the start of the war against Hamas, and they often face conditi...






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