New York Times reporting on Palestinian Prisoners in Israeli detention centers: Beatings, electrocution and sexual assaults.. The hell that Gaza detainees live in

The  New York Times conducted an investigative report from inside a military base in southern Israel where Palestinian civilians from the Ga...

Israeli Whistleblower Reveals the Treatment of Gaza Detainees at the hands of the Israeli armed forces

A recently leaked image of Gaza detainees in Israeli detention camps shows Palestinians confined in cages, with their hands tied and blindf...

Israeli doctor: Israeli military and health services are violating the “Detention of Unlawful Combatants” law, which Israel amended last December

 An Israeli doctor working in the secret prison established by the Israeli occupation army in the Negev after the attack of last October 7 r...

French officials reactions to scenes documenting an Israeli soldier of French origins treatment of blindfolded Palestinians

 French Foreign Ministry spokesman Christophe Lemoyne described the scenes of an Israeli soldier of French origin abusing and mocking blindf...

Israeli media investigation report: Stripped, shocked, and beaten... at the hands of the Israeli occupation forces

The Israeli magazine "+972" and the "Local Call" website conducted a joint journalistic investigation that revealed aspe...

The Gaza War: Horrific testimonies of Palestinians arrested by Israel from the Gaza Strip and then released

The BBC Arabic team conducted special interviews and recorded documented testimonies with a number of citizens from the Gaza Strip who were ...

Lost in Detention

Lost in Detention Watch Lost in Detention on PBS. See more from FRONTLINE.






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