The mother of an Israeli prisoner accuses IDF of killing her son and his companions with the poison gas they pumped into one of the Gaza tunnels

The Israeli media revealed that the Israeli army recovered from a tunnel in Jabalia in the northern Gaza Strip the bodies of soldiers Ron Sherman and Nick Piser and civilian Elijah Toledano, who were captured by the Palestinian resistance on October 7.

Their killing raised questions among Israelis, which the Israeli media described as “difficult and disturbing, and requires clarification and public disclosure.”

These questions were raised by Israeli Maayan Sherman, the mother of Israeli soldier Ron, after she accused, in a post she published on her Facebook page, the Israeli “army” of killing her son with poison gas that he pumped into the tunnel.

Ron's mother said: "My son was indeed killed... but not by Hamas... not in accidental shooting, and not in friendly fire. He was killed with premeditation and design... through bombing with toxic gases," explaining that "her son's fingers were found... Crushed, perhaps because of his desperate attempts to emerge from the tomb of poison.”

She added: “Ron was captured due to the criminal negligence of all the corrupt army and government officials who gave the order to liquidate him in order to settle scores” with Hamas.

According to the Israeli media, the Israeli Army spokesman responded to Ron’s mother’s accusations with “evasiveness,” and his answer was considered “evasion” and aimed to “silence the discussion and raise doubts about the family’s statements without directly denying them.” 

According to her, the army spokesman said: “It was not possible to determine the cause of death of the three prisoners. At this stage, it cannot be ruled out or confirmed that they were killed as a result of suffocation, suffocation, poisoning, or the consequences of an Israeli army attack or a Hamas operation.”

The newspaper "Haaretz" believed that "the evasion" of the Israeli "army" spokesman from the accusations of Ron's mother must not be accepted. The newspaper asked: “Did the Israeli “army” use poisonous gases in the Gaza Strip to kill those who were in the tunnels? Did the “army” take the lives of the prisoners into consideration at all when making the decision to deal with the tunnels, or was the only consideration in this matter the operational need to strike Hamas members?


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