Truth about 40 babies beheaded, infants burned alive in ovens, and sexual violence that made the genocide in Gaza possible

The truth about 40 babies beheaded , infants burned alive in ovens , and  sexual violence that made the genocide in Gaza possible is yet to ...

Reports: The destruction of Gaza surpasses the most destructive campaign in modern history... worse than what took place in Dresden and Rotterdam

What Israel did in Gaza in first three months of its war on Gaza, is worse than what took place in Dresden over a two year period. Five mon...

Independent media Investigation Report: Israeli airstrike that killed seven health workers in Lebanon used US munition

The British newspaper The Guardian confirmed that Israel used an American weapon in a raid that killed 7 health care workers in southern L...

An Israeli military doctor: We committed massacres, looting, burning, and vandalizing homes, and executed prisoners in cold blood inside Gaza

An Israeli military doctor gave shocking testimony about the violations committed by the Israeli army in the Gaza Strip, which included acts...

The Anglo-Saxon Extermination of the Indigenous Peoples of the Americas: The Genocidal Action of U.S. Government since 1776

The story of the United States is often painted as one of progress and liberty. Yet, woven into the fabric of this narrative is a dark threa...






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