Media reports: Israel has had a population transfer plan for Gaza years before the Oct. 7 “al-Aqsa Flood”

 Media reports suggest that European official now have firsthand information about an Israeli plan to transfer Palestinians to an artificial island in the Mediterranean. The plan is not new or secret, it has been reported on for years. But now it is being considered among officials, including Europeans.

The British newspaper "The Guardian" reported that the proposal of the Israeli Foreign Minister, Yisrael Katz, to shelter the residents of the Gaza Strip on an artificial island in the Mediterranean Sea, which he presented during his meeting with the EU foreign ministers, was not condemned as a crime according to international law; rather, just is raising dissatisfaction in Brussels.

The proposal of the Israeli Foreign Minister, Yisrael Katz, to "house the residents of the Gaza Strip on an artificial island in the Mediterranean Sea" has sparked dissatisfaction in the European Union, according to what the British newspaper "The Guardian" reported.


The newspaper added that Katz presented this proposal during the meeting that included him and representatives of the European Union in Brussels, today, Monday, as part of a mission to lay the foundation for a “comprehensive peace plan,” citing sources who attended the meeting.


The paper explained that the Israeli Foreign Minister showed the 27 European Union foreign ministers a video clip related to this proposal, which is presented as “an alternative to the two-state solution.” He also told them that the video “refers to a plan that was drawn up several years ago, when he was Minister of Transport.”


Here, it should be noted that Katz was appointed Minister of Transport in the Israeli government in 2009, and remained in this position until 2019, which means that the plan he presented today to his European counterparts goes back at least 5 years.


In addition to Katz, the European ministers met with the foreign ministers of Egypt, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia.


It is noteworthy that the European Union foreign ministers are holding separate talks in Brussels with the foreign ministers of Israel and occupied Palestine, in order to “discuss the prospects for achieving a lasting peace,” after the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, rejected calls for a “two-state solution.”


Netanyahu renewed his position two days ago, affirming his rejection of the existence of a Palestinian state, claiming that “Israel must maintain its security control over Gaza.”


A high-ranking European Union official ruled out any expectations of breakthroughs through these meetings, explaining that “the goal is to hold a full discussion with all participants, Israelis, Palestinians and Arabs, in order to exchange views and try to better understand everyone’s positions.”


The European Union is seeking to unify its position regarding the aggression against Gaza in light of the rejection of strong supporters of "Israel" such as Germany, the demand for an immediate ceasefire, which was put forward by countries such as Spain and Ireland.


European Union officials set general conditions for “the day after” the end of the current war on Gaza, rejecting any long-term Israeli occupation, and calling at the same time for “an end to Hamas’ rule and giving the Palestinian Authority a role in managing the Strip.”

The concept "forcible transfer" refers to the forced relocation of civilian populations in occupied or contested territories. It is a crime against humanity as defined by the International Criminal Court (ICC).



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