How the Cold War and now the War in Ukraine have Justified Abuse of Human Rights, Inhumane Sanctions, and Abuse of Power

Working hard to put pressure on countries from around the world to take a stand against Russia in relation to its military operation in Ukra...

Over 100 children illegally employed by US slaughterhouse cleaning firm

More than 100 children have been discovered to be illegally employed by a slaughterhouse cleaning firm across the country, federal authoriti...

More than 7 mln children affected by major quakes

More than 7 million children have been affected by the massive earthquake and a major aftershock that devastated Türkiye and Syria last week...

Chinese envoy urges US to immediately lift Syria sanctions to return 'hope of survival' to children

Chinese envoy urges immediate lifting of unilateral sanctions on Syria to return the "hope of survival" to children in the countr...

New Report: Israel’s apartheid against Palestinians is a cruel system of domination and crime against humanity

On February 1, 2023, Amnesty said that "Israeli authorities must dismantle the system of apartheid which is causing so much suffering a...

Why do western media and governments react to human rights abuses only when they happen outside western countries?

When human rights abuses take place in Muslim-majority countries, Western governments impose sanctions and Western media provide extensive c...

Reprieve: Executions doubled under King Salman

The human rights organization Reprieve , which opposes the death penalty, in cooperation with the European Saudi Organization for Human Righ...






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