ICC Prosecutor Karim Khan signals unwillingness to indict perpetrators of war crimes and crimes against humanity

ICC Prosecutor Karim Khan, who acted in record time to indict Russian president Putin at the urging of Western governments, is willfully blind to war crimes and crimes against humanity, the two main crimes the ICC was created to adjudicate, that are happening in Gaza.

After visiting the region, he stated that there “credible allegations of crimes during the current conflict should be the subject of timely, independent examination and investigation.”

Khan also expressed “profound concern” at what he called “the significant increase in incidents of attacks by Israeli settlers against Palestinian civilians in the West Bank,” saying that “no Israeli armed with an extreme ideology and a gun can feel they can act with impunity against Palestinian civilians.”

Hinting at what will be his strategy of and justification for the delay in the Court’s action, Khan said that the standard would be to gather “objective, verifiable evidence which can stand scrutiny in the courtroom and ensure that when we do proceed we have a realistic prospect of conviction.”

This suggests that, unlike his quick action on events related to the war in Ukraine that is still going on, the ICC is likely to sit on its hands until more children and women, 70% of the civilians killed in Gaza thus far, are killed and until the war stops, which may be months or years.

Expressing concern about its inaction, the head of the Palestinian authority in West Bank, which unlike Israel, ratified the ICC treaty, told Khan that the credibility of the ICC will be determined by its action or inaction related to the war in Gaza.

Expressing growing global concern, the State of Qatar, which has been deeply involved in reaching a temporary ceasefire in Gaza, is now calling for an immediate, comprehensive and impartial international investigation into the crimes committed by the Israeli occupation forces in the Gaza Strip.


Qatari Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdul Rahman Al Thani renewed his country's strong condemnation of the crimes committed by the Israeli occupation forces.


Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdul Rahman said that Qatar has made great efforts in mediation to stop this war of revenge, and will continue its efforts with all active countries to resume the truce and reach a permanent ceasefire.




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