How many people have died in Gaza?

US president Joe Biden dismissed the figures accounting for the number of people killed in Gaza. The density of the small enclave, the frequency of bombardment, and the kind of weapons used, all point to the likelihood of staggering numbers of people killed, injured, or missing. Images of destructed homes and full neighborhoods in an enclave where more than 2.2 million people live also points to unprecedent level of deaths in Gaza. 

Gaza Strip is a 41 km (25 miles) long and 10 km wide, bounded by the Mediterranean Sea on west and walled off from Israel by a "the smart, anti-tunnel wall" Israel built along its border with Gaza, and fenced off by another barrier along the border with Egypt. Since 2008, it became the most besieged, isolated community in the world.

Journalist Gabrielle Tétrault-Farber reported that "despite Biden's doubts, humanitarian agencies consider Gaza toll reliable." UN, too, said that Gaza Health Ministry death tolls, in this war, as it were in previous wars, "credible". 

So. what is Gaza's death toll?

Media reports concluded that "Gaza civilian deaths outpacing those of other conflict zones." 

UN called Gaza "a children's graveyard." UNICEF documented horrific stories of killed and orphaned children.

Possible sources for finding information about Gaza Body Count:


Note: If you are aware of a reliable source for Gaza Body Count, please share it and this list will be updated to include new sources.


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