Amnesty: Israel's blatant disregard for the lives of Palestinians; documented compelling evidence that Israeli forces committed war crimes in their attack on Gaza

Amnesty International said it had documented compelling evidence that Israeli forces committed war crimes in their attack on Gaza. it spoke of blatant Israeli disregard for the lives of Palestinians.

It pointed out that the Israeli forces once again showed "appalling indifference to the catastrophic losses inflicted on civilians" as a result of their continuing raids on the Gaza Strip.

It pointed out that Israel committed many "indiscriminate attacks" that resulted in large civilian casualties, as it "wiped out entire families and destroyed residential neighborhoods."

As part of Amnesty International's investigations into violations of the laws of war, the organization monitored, as an example, two cases in which Israeli raids killed 46 civilians, including 20 children. The oldest victim was an 80-year-old woman, while the youngest victim was only three months old.

The two attacks, which occurred on October 19 and 20, hit the building of the Greek Orthodox Church of St. Porphyrius, where hundreds of displaced civilians in Gaza City took refuge, and a house in the Nuseirat refugee camp in the central Gaza Strip for the Al-Aidi family. In the first, 18 civilians were killed and 12 others were injured, and in the second, 28 civilians were killed, including 12 children.

Based on its investigations, Amnesty International concluded that these two raids constituted direct attacks on civilians or civilian objects and should be investigated as war crimes.

“These deadly, unlawful attacks are part of a documented pattern of disregard for Palestinian civilian lives, and demonstrate the devastating impact of Israel’s unprecedented military offensive that has left no place safe in the country,” said Erika Guevara-Rosas, Director of Global Research, Advocacy and Policy at Amnesty International. Gaza, regardless of where civilians live or seek shelter.”

The organization urged the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court to take immediate concrete measures to accelerate the investigation into Israeli war crimes.



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