ICC Lawyer, Gilles Duver: It's not just Israel's military aggression, it's not just war crimes or crimes against humanity, it's actual genocide

Vladimir Putin was indicted for allegedly transferring some children, alive, from a war zone to Russia. The ICC acted. Thousands of children were killed, premature babies were deprived of medical support, and thousands more were traumatized and forced to leave their homes only to see death and destruction on their way to a place that was said to be safe, only to be bombed again. ICC does not see that "there are reasonable grounds to believe that" war crimes are happening in happening in Gaza, a place described by the New York Times as a "Graveyard for Children".

Here is the text of the ICC indictment of Putin:

Mr Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, born on 7 October 1952, President of the Russian Federation, is allegedly responsible for the war crime of unlawful deportation of population (children) and that of unlawful transfer of population (children) from occupied areas of Ukraine to the Russian Federation (under articles 8(2)(a)(vii) and 8(2)(b)(viii) of the Rome Statute). The crimes were allegedly committed in Ukrainian occupied territory at least from 24 February 2022. There are reasonable grounds to believe that Mr Putin bears individual criminal responsibility for the aforementioned crimes, (i) for having committed the acts directly, jointly with others and/or through others (article 25(3)(a) of the Rome Statute), and (ii) for his failure to exercise control properly over civilian and military subordinates who committed the acts, or allowed for their commission, and who were under his effective authority and control, pursuant to superior responsibility (article 28(b) of the Rome Statute).


Here is a summary of the opinion of an ICC lawyer, Gilles Duver, who, along with more than 400 lawyers, is trying to get the attention of the ICC to indict:


French lawyer and international law expert Gilles Duver said that the precise definition of genocide was fully met in the military aggression launched by Israel against the Gaza Strip, whether it was related to the siege, lack of food, and fuel prevention, or was related to genocide through bombing and displacement.

In an interview with Al Jazeera, the French lawyer indicated that he is leading an initiative that includes 300 to 400 lawyers from all over the world to file a lawsuit before the International Criminal Court in The Hague demanding the opening of an investigation into the incidents attributed to the Israeli occupation army in the Gaza Strip since October 7. First past.


Duffer (a lawyer accredited to the International Criminal Court) explained that this initiative comes from civil society, and “after we saw what is happening, we understand that it is not only about military aggression, it is not just war crimes or crimes against humanity, but rather it is genocide.” Realism without a theoretical or philosophical choice. We see that the precise definition of genocide is fulfilled in the international convention and in judicial and reference precedents, as in the cases of Srebrenica and the Rohingya.”



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