The Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor documents the torture of Palestinian detainees by occupation soldiers

The Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor said on Tuesday that it documented severe abuse and torture against civilians and Palestinian detainees during their arrest by the Israeli army in the West Bank recently.

Egregious acts of torture, abuse committed by Israeli army against Palestinian civilians in the West Bank --

The Geneva-based observatory added that it had seen video clips “showing Israeli soldiers dragging and abusing Palestinian civilians from the town of Yatta in Hebron in the south of the West Bank, after stripping them of their clothes, blindfolding them, and tying them by their hands and feet, then leaving them in the open for long hours.”

He pointed out that he obtained "other video clips of the same people immediately after their arrest, where the Israeli forces left them for two days inside an army camp. It turned out that they were the same detainees from the town of Yatta."

He said that the clips were published on an account on the (X) platform and a channel on (Telegram) “that includes soldiers from the Israeli army, and several video clips were published bragging about the torture of Palestinian detainees.”

The Observatory for Human Rights expressed "its shock at the exposure of Palestinian civilians during their arrest, some of whom appeared in civilian clothing and others completely stripped of their clothes, to brutal beatings with rifle butts and soldiers trampling on their heads."

He stressed, "Taking and torturing hostages and abusing them is prohibited under international law, which obliges all parties not to hold detainees under brutal conditions and to treat them humanely and not to violate the right to life."

He also stressed that hostage-taking and torture are considered war crimes, and those responsible for committing them, giving orders to do so, or failing to prevent them - when their situation allows it - bear criminal responsibility, including before the International Criminal Court.

Over the past few hours, tweeters and activists have circulated on social media video clips showing what they said were Israeli soldiers brutally torturing a number of Palestinian detainees.

Some clips circulated on social media show these detainees being stripped of their clothes, tied, and kicked violently and cruelly.

Some of them also show someone being covered with the Israeli flag, and another being forced to carry the Israeli flag in the middle of what looks like a dance party, in a scene that brought to mind what happened in Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq, according to some commentators.



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