Court Ruling: “from the river to the sea Palestine will be free” is not illegal; is protected speech

In November, IN Germany, Berlin criminalizes slogan 'From the River to the Sea, Palestine will be free'. In the US, Congress held he...

US munitions used to bomb UNRWA school in Gaza killing 45 people

CNN reported on Thursday that the munitions used in the Israeli raid on a UN school in central Gaza were American-made munitions. CNN expla...

Starvation as a weapon of War

Senior US State Department official Stacey Gilbert has revealed that the State Department falsified a report to exonerate Israel from blocki...

Media reports: Israel Used U.S.-Made Bombs in Strike That Killed Dozens in Tents Massacre

Details emerging after the attack on displaced civilians in Gaza that resulted in the " Tents Massacre " now point US government c...

Tents massacre in Rafah

Israeli Occupation Forces killed 35 refugees and wonded dozens in a tents site in Rafah on Saturday, May 27. A CNN reporter described the Te...






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