Media reports: Israel Used U.S.-Made Bombs in Strike That Killed Dozens in Tents Massacre

Details emerging after the attack on displaced civilians in Gaza that resulted in the "Tents Massacre" now point US government complicity.

A New York Times visual analysis found that munition debris filmed at the scene were remnants of a GBU-39, a bomb designed and manufactured in the United States.

Also, the New York Times quoted a convinced American officer as saying that Israel's employment of these types of bombs indicates the continued neglect of civilian protection.

As the newspaper quoted a former adviser in the Pentagon and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as saying that the Israeli strike on Rafah at that time raises questions about whether the Israeli army was aware of possible human casualties or if it failed to monitor civilians, thus indicating possible problems in the precautionary measures.

Other media outlets reported similar findings. "CNN" network confirmed today, Wednesday, that Israel used American-made CDB-type GBU-39 bombs to bombard the displaced persons camp in Rafah, southern Gaza Strip, last Sunday evening, confirming that such type of bombs cannot be used. It is used in the area where the Israeli army is targeting.

The network quoted a weapons expert as saying that the bomb - manufactured by the Boeing company - is a high-precision ammunition designed to attack "targets of strategic importance", pointing out that the use of ammunition of this size will lead to danger in a densely populated area.

The networks's explanation - quoted from the last one - is that if Israel could have used the latest form of bombs, it could have reduced the casualties in civilian lives, but it did not do so.

It should be noted that the United States is the main and largest supplier of weapons to Israel, and last April President Joe Biden signed a law granting Tel Aviv 15 billion dollars in military aid.

Since the beginning of the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip on October 7, the Israeli occupation has been carried out with American weapons, while Washington asserts that "Israel has not crossed the red line" so far.



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