UN's OCHA: Israel commits widespread war crimes in Gaza, humanitarian catastrophe is imminent

Palestinian Territory - The Israeli forces destroyed at least 70 industrial facilities and 970 residential units in the Gaza Strip, document...

UK special forces killed nine people "in their beds" during an Afghanistan night raid, an independent inquiry has heard

Family members say the victims were unarmed civilians. The SAS had claimed they acted in self-defence. Senior officers suspected troops of c...

Sabra and Shatila Massacre

On September 16, 1982, the Lebanese Phalangist militia, backed by lsrael, perpetrated a massacre in the southern Beirut neighborhood of Sabr...

Caribbean countries announce their intention to demand compensation from European governments for crimes of slavery

The British newspaper " The Times " reported that "Caricom", a bloc of 15 Caribbean countries, will demand an official a...

The UK is becoming the third largest consumer of the child sexual abuse “market”

Thousands of children in the Philippines are being sexually abused in order to make money via live video streaming technology, and most of t...






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