Media reports: The decomposing bodies of infants in a hospital in Gaza shock the world

Aljazeera report : Since the first day of the truce between the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) and Israel in Gaza, the crimes of the oc...

UNICEF: Child casualties in Gaza “a growing stain on our collective conscience”

 The United Nations Children's Fund ( UNICEF ) said that 2,360 children have been killed since the beginning of the war in the Gaza St...

The UK is becoming the third largest consumer of the child sexual abuse “market”

Thousands of children in the Philippines are being sexually abused in order to make money via live video streaming technology, and most of t...

Over 100 children illegally employed by US slaughterhouse cleaning firm

More than 100 children have been discovered to be illegally employed by a slaughterhouse cleaning firm across the country, federal authoriti...

More than 7 mln children affected by major quakes

More than 7 million children have been affected by the massive earthquake and a major aftershock that devastated Türkiye and Syria last week...

المعارضة السورية المسلحة تستخدم الأطفال في النزاع: تقارير عن خدمة صبية كمقاتلين وحراس وعناصر مراقبة واستطلاع

قالت هيومن رايتس ووتش اليوم إن جماعات معارضة مسلحة تقاتل في سوريا تستخدم أطفالاً في القتال وفي أغراض عسكرية أخرى. تبينت لهيومن رايتس و...






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