UN experts: “Israel” buried Palestinians alive in mass graves in Gaza

 United Nations experts revealed that the 390 bodies recently found in mass graves in Nasser and Shifa hospitals in the Gaza Strip, a number of which showed signs of torture and execution, indicating that they belonged to people who had been “buried alive.”

In a statement issued in Geneva on Monday, the experts expressed their dismay at the continuing reports of sexual assault and violence against women and girls, including against women detained by the Israeli occupation forces.

The statement said: "We are horrified by Israel's targeting of women, through these brutal and indiscriminate attacks, and it seems that it is sparing no means to destroy their lives and deprive them of their basic human rights."

In their statement, the UN experts indicated that women, girls and children are among the people most at risk, and that as of April 29, 2024, there were 14,500 children and 9,500 women among the 34,488 Palestinians killed by “Israel” in Gaza.

Another 77,643 were reported injured, 75% of whom were female, and more than 8,000 others were reported missing or under rubble. Experts indicated that it can be assumed that at least half of them are women and children.

The UN experts noted that Israeli forces destroyed the largest fertility clinic in Gaza, which was reportedly storing 3,000 embryos. The experts' statement pointed out that more than 183 women give birth every day without painkillers, while hundreds of children die due to the lack of electricity to operate incubators. The appalling conditions have led to an increase in miscarriages by up to 300 percent, while 95 percent of pregnant and breastfeeding women face severe malnutrition.



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