The Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor: 2.6% of the population in the Gaza Strip were killed or injured in 50 days

 The Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor announced that, according to data from its field team in the Gaza Strip, the death toll in the Strip as a result of the Israeli aggression since last October 7 reached 20,031 martyrs, including 8,176 children.

The Observatory published on its account on the “X” platform (formerly Twitter), an infographic image showing detailed statistics of human and material losses in the Gaza Strip.

The Euro-Mediterranean Observatory said: “Our team in the Gaza Strip recently completed an updated statistic of the number of victims, including those we were able to count who were under the rubble, given the lack of chances of being alive. The number of martyrs reached 20,031, including 8,176 children, and the number is likely to rise as more victims and 36,350 wounded are recovered.” This number, together with the wounded, represents an average of 2.6% of the population in the Gaza Strip, which is equivalent to 11 million Arab citizens.


After 50 days of brutal Israeli war on the Gaza Strip, a 4-day temporary humanitarian truce entered into force on Friday morning, according to which a ceasefire and an exchange of prisoners took place between the Israeli occupation forces and the Palestinian resistance.


Since the first hours of this truce taking effect, pictures have been revealed that show the extent of the widespread destruction that occurred in the northern part of the Gaza Strip, and dozens of bodies that have reached the stage of decomposition scattered in the roads and under the rubble of the homes that were bombed.


Within the framework of the first phase of implementing the truce understandings, a group of 13 Israeli prisoners, including women and children, were handed over to the Israeli authorities, and the Hamas movement released 11 foreign citizens of Thai and Filipino nationalities on the sidelines of the prisoner exchange deal.

On the other hand, on the first day, the occupation authorities released 39 women and children detained in Israeli prisons, and 150 Palestinian prisoners are scheduled to be released over the four days of the truce agreement.

New York Times data show similar estimates, and confirm that more than 70% of the deaths are among women and children.


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