Israeli media investigation report: Stripped, shocked, and beaten... at the hands of the Israeli occupation forces

The Israeli magazine "+972" and the "Local Call" website conducted a joint journalistic investigation that revealed aspe...

Hunger, famine, and starvation in Gaza

UN emergency relief chief Martin Griffiths just declared that famine is “around the corner” as people in Gaza face the “highest levels of fo...

Why do Israeli officials deny UN investigators access to evidence they allegedly have about sexual violence they claim was commited by Hamas

Three months since the start of the 2023 Gaza war and weeks after Israel’s presentation at the UN, where it presented allegations that Hamas...

Narratives of Genocide from Rwanda to Palestine

Extermination operations. These dark chapters of human history are compelling evidence of human brutality and ruthless killing. The painful ...

The arrest of a Bahraini activist reveal that only regimes that abuse the rights of its people are willing to join US

The American newspaper "The New York Times" reported on Thursday that the Bahraini authorities' arrest of activist Ibrahim Sha...






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