The arrest of a Bahraini activist reveal that only regimes that abuse the rights of its people are willing to join US

The American newspaper "The New York Times" reported on Thursday that the Bahraini authorities' arrest of activist Ibrahim Sharif highlights the popular challenges faced by Arab rulers allied with Washington, as they continue to deal with widespread anger towards "Israel" and the United States.

The newspaper added that Sharif's arrest came amid "strong dissatisfaction in Bahrain over the authoritarian government's diplomatic relations with Israel."

She pointed out that Bahrain was the only Arab country that joined Washington's maritime coalition in the Red Sea, despite the popular demonstrations in the country in support of Palestine since the start of the war.

Yesterday, the Bahraini authorities arrested Sharif because of his posts on the “X” platform, in which he expressed his country’s rejection of his country’s involvement in the “maritime coalition” sponsored by the United States of America in the Red Sea.

 Human rights organizations have produced reports that speak to the West's complicity in the abuses committed by the authoritarian king of Bahrain, including torture, killings, and imprisonment of political activists.




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