Human Rights Slogans Have been used to mask Deep Racism in the West: The Case of Denmark

 Denmark is one of the Scandinavian countries that many dream of traveling to, either for tourism or immigration, because of its bewitching ...

Bahrain: Death Sentences Follow Torture, Sham Trials; Court Records Show Pervasive Rights Violations

(Beirut) – Bahraini courts have convicted and sentenced defendants to death following manifestly unfair trials, based solely or primarily on...

Inuit Greenlanders demand answers over Danish birth control scandal

 Denmark and Greenland have formally agreed to launch a two-year investigation into historic birth control practices carried out for many ye...

UN report documents Turkey's military’s targeting of civilians in Afrin, Syria.

Turkish operation in Afrin targeted civilians The Turkish air force may have failed to take all feasible precautions prior to launching...

Is There a Right to Immigrate?

1. The Immigration Question Every year, close to one million individuals from foreign nations migrate to the United States legally. But...






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