An Israeli military doctor: We committed massacres, looting, burning, and vandalizing homes, and executed prisoners in cold blood inside Gaza

An Israeli military doctor gave shocking testimony about the violations committed by the Israeli army in the Gaza Strip, which included acts...

ICC Prosecutor Karim Khan signals unwillingness to indict perpetrators of war crimes and crimes against humanity

ICC Prosecutor Karim Khan, who acted in record time to indict Russian president Putin at the urging of Western governments, is willfully bli...

ICC Lawyer, Gilles Duver: It's not just Israel's military aggression, it's not just war crimes or crimes against humanity, it's actual genocide

Vladimir Putin was indicted for allegedly transferring some children, alive, from a war zone to Russia. The ICC acted . Thousands of childre...

The disappointing legacy of the ICC

Since it came online, the ICC built a record of focusing on crimes committed in the Global South and ignoring those committed by leaders of ...






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