Video documenting Israeli armed forces killing displaced Palestinians who were heading to northern Gaza Strip via the coastal Rashid Road

Aljazeera broadcasted a video about the killing of civilians in Gaza in a road declared by Israel to be safe for people to move between north and south Gaza.

The images show unarmed Palestinians walking, some with their arms up in the air, with Israeli armed forces shooting and killing them on the spot, with their bodies left for animals to feed off them.

The text and video released by Aljazeera are shown below. Discretion is advised.

Israeli occupation forces shot at displaced Palestinians who were heading to the northern Gaza Strip via the coastal Rashid Road, which the occupation army says is a safe passage for civilians.

Hundreds of civilians were moving on the coastal road in early June when occupation soldiers opened fire directly at them.

Al Jazeera obtained exclusive images showing the killing of an unarmed displaced person by occupation soldiers as he tried to cross from the beach, after they asked him to stop where he was.

The soldiers climbed a hill on the beach and one of them fired a bullet at the Palestinian who fell in his place before they opened fire on him to ensure his execution.

The images also showed the execution of a Palestinian who was leading a group of civilians trying to cross north on May 17, after they shot him even though he was moving with his hand raised to confirm that he was an unarmed civilian. After killing him, the soldiers confiscated the man’s body and his fate and identity are still unknown.

On May 26, the occupation soldiers stopped a Palestinian who was walking on the beach road and asked him to raise his hand and then shot him immediately before a military vehicle began combing the area.

On the afternoon of the 31st of the same month, the occupation soldiers shot a displaced person who was trying to cross among a group of Palestinians, even though he stopped in his place as they asked him to.

This scene was repeated in more than one place, confirming that the occupation forces carried out a specific luring and deception operation against civilians in order to execute them in the field on the Gaza beach.

The pictures confirm that the process of executing civilians in the field has become a routine act carried out by the Israeli soldiers during the aggression, as they showed stray dogs devouring dozens of bodies lying on the beach without knowing the identity of their owners.



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