Red Crescent: Israel's disguise of a truck carrying aid to enter Nusairat in Gaza is a war crime

Media reports that the Palestinian Red Crescent Society condemned yesterday, Monday, the use of an aid truck by Israeli forces during the operation to recover 4 prisoners in the Gaza Strip two days ago, considering it a war crime that could endanger the safety of relief workers.

The society warned of the danger of the occupation forces using a humanitarian aid truck last Saturday to infiltrate the Nuseirat camp in the middle of the Strip and commit a massacre against civilians that led to the martyrdom of 274 martyrs - including 64 children and 57 women - in addition to injuring 700 others, according to the latest official statistics.

It stressed that the occupation forces' disguise inside an aid truck is a war crime against civilians and a clear violation of international humanitarian law that prohibits the crime of treachery.

It explained that the occupation forces betrayed the people and disguised themselves under the cover of aid that civilians are yearning for, in light of their suffering from dangerous levels of food insecurity.

The society also called on the international community to hold the occupation authorities accountable for this war crime and deter them from continuing to commit more massacres against civilians, in addition to providing urgent protection for civilians and humanitarian and medical workers in accordance with international humanitarian law.

Last Saturday, the occupation forces committed a massacre that left hundreds dead and wounded after a violent artillery and air bombardment targeted the Nuseirat camp in Gaza, coinciding with a military operation to recover detainees, which the Qassam Brigades confirmed also led to the killing of 3 other detainees.

While local Palestinian sources reported that the Israeli forces infiltrated the Nuseirat camp in a truck that is used to transport humanitarian aid, the Israeli army claimed that this was not true.

For her part, the United NationsUnited Nations Special Rapporteur in the occupied Palestinian territories, Francesca Albanese, confirmed that Israeli and foreign soldiers hid inside an aid truck to enter Nuseirat, amid accusations of using the temporary American pier designated for delivering aid as well, which Washington denied.

Meanwhile, some US media outlets continue to amplify the idea that there are no innocents in Gaza; all Gazans are terrorists.





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