Israeli strikes have killed nearly 100 Palestinian children a day in Gaza since the war started

Today, the Ministry of Health in the Gaza Strip announced that the number of victims of the Israeli attacks had risen to 30,320 dead and 71,...

Gaza's Flour Massacre: "Flour mixed with blood"

A day after Israel’s attack on civilians in Gaza who were waiting for the arrival of food, a harrowing image of cruelty is emerging as repor...

ICJ Heartings on Legal Consequences arising from the Policies and Practices of Israel in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (videos)

The I.C.J., based in the Hague, was established by the U.N. Charter in 1945 to rule on issues of international law and settle disputes among...

UNSC: For the third time, the US administration blocks a humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza

Once again, the US government was the only member of the UNSC to vote against a resolution that would have stopped the killing in Gaza, a wa...

UN experts appalled by reported human rights violations against Palestinian women and girls at the hands of Israeli officers

On Monday, the United Nations Population Fund expressed its horror at reports of Israeli officers “stripping Palestinian women and girls in ...






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