Human Rights Watch: Israel Using Starvation as Weapon of War in Gaza

Human Rights Watch: Evidence Indicates Civilians Deliberately Denied Access to Food, Water The Israeli government is using starvation of civ...

Israel's Guantánamo: Euro-Med Monitor calls for international probe into Israel’s torture and murder of Gaza detainees

The Euro-Mediterranean Observatory, in a report today , Monday, indicated that the testimonies it collected were consistent with what was re...

The Gaza War: Horrific testimonies of Palestinians arrested by Israel from the Gaza Strip and then released

The BBC Arabic team conducted special interviews and recorded documented testimonies with a number of citizens from the Gaza Strip who were ...

The New York Times: The Israeli army destroyed at least 6 cemeteries during its incursion into northern Gaza; Israeli forces desecrate mosques

  The American New York Times newspaper confirmed that Israeli army ground forces destroyed at least six cemeteries during their incursion i...

Life under occupation in West Bank

After arresting Palestinians in West Bank, Israeli occupation forces paint the Star of David on both sides of the door of Palestinian homes...






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