Photos published for the first time; atrocious methods of torture in Guantanamo

Although many years have passed since the establishment of the Guantanamo prison, amid the international and human rights criticisms that su...

Policing in the United States: “placed his hands around a sergeant’s neck and choked her”

Another Black man's encounter with the police; as reported by the NYP : The fracas involving several officers and suspect Romaine Franci...

UK's Illegal wars and human rights violations in Islamic Societies

Citing declassified materials, the organization, Declassified UK , reported that Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, who held this po...

How the Cold War and now the War in Ukraine have Justified Abuse of Human Rights, Inhumane Sanctions, and Abuse of Power

Working hard to put pressure on countries from around the world to take a stand against Russia in relation to its military operation in Ukra...

Over 100 children illegally employed by US slaughterhouse cleaning firm

More than 100 children have been discovered to be illegally employed by a slaughterhouse cleaning firm across the country, federal authoriti...






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