BBC obtains testimonies of two Palestinians who were tied to the front of an army vehicle by Israeli soldiers

Two Palestinians injured during an Israeli military operation in the occupied West Bank last week have told the BBC that Israeli soldiers forced them to sit on the bonnet of a military jeep and paraded them around the village, sometimes at high speed.

The latest account by the two young Palestinians comes days after footage emerged of a 23-year-old Palestinian man being hung from the bonnet of a moving Israeli military jeep, sparking international outrage.

The BBC has now obtained testimony from two men who say they were similarly forced to sit on the bonnet of a military vehicle during an Israeli military operation in the village of al-Jabariyat, outside the city of Jenin, on Saturday.

Samir Sabaya, 25, who is currently being treated in a hospital in Jenin, says he was shot in the back by Israeli forces during the al-Jabariyat operation, and fell face down and bled for hours until soldiers arrived to assess his condition.

When they turned him over on his back and found that he was still alive, he said they hit him with a gun, before carrying him and throwing him on the front of the military jeep.

BBC reporting is supported by Israeli troops own postings on social media showing their use of Palestinians as human shields. A recently posted image from an Israeli soldier in Gaza shows Israeli occupation forces using Palestinian civilians as human shields, placing them naked in front of their armored vehicles during their invasion.


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