New Report: Israel’s apartheid against Palestinians is a cruel system of domination and crime against humanity

On February 1, 2023, Amnesty said that "Israeli authorities must dismantle the system of apartheid which is causing so much suffering a...

Why do western media and governments react to human rights abuses only when they happen outside western countries?

When human rights abuses take place in Muslim-majority countries, Western governments impose sanctions and Western media provide extensive c...

Reprieve: Executions doubled under King Salman

The human rights organization Reprieve , which opposes the death penalty, in cooperation with the European Saudi Organization for Human Righ...

The "double standard" of the British media... This is how London's lies were promoted before the invasion of Iraq

  The British " Declassified " website talked about the role of the British media in promoting the lies of the British government ...

UN: 26 Rohingya refugees died at sea making perilous journey

 At least 26 Rohingya Muslims had died in dire conditions during a month at open sea while making a dangerous voyage that brought scores of ...






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