Nicaragua v. Germany: Germany is ‘Facilitating’ Genocide in Gaza, violating treaty obligations

 Germany is facing charges at the top United Nations court for allegedly “facilitating the commission of genocide” against Palestinians in G...

CNN asks: Why would you kill a grandmother?

Sara Khreis replays the last day she spent with her mother over and over in her mind. Their family had spent weeks agonizing over whether to...

FIDH: The unfolding genocide against the Palestinians must stop immediately

FIDH International Board – the elected body of legal experts and human rights defenders from all over the world – adopted a resolution recog...

For years, the FBI quietly stopped tracking anti-Arab violence and hate crimes

The families of three college students of Palestinian descent who were shot over the weekend in Vermont are calling it a crime "fueled ...

BBC: "Released Palestinians tell the BBC the “violations” they were subjected to in Israeli prisons"

Palestinian prisoners released from Israeli jails say that guards carried out abuse and collective punishment in the weeks after the Hamas ...

The Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor: 2.6% of the population in the Gaza Strip were killed or injured in 50 days

  The Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor announced that, according to data from its field team in the Gaza Strip, the death toll in the...






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