French officials reactions to scenes documenting an Israeli soldier of French origins treatment of blindfolded Palestinians

 French Foreign Ministry spokesman Christophe Lemoyne described the scenes of an Israeli soldier of French origin abusing and mocking blindfolded Palestinians as “shocking and disgusting.”

This came in a press conference held by Le Moyne at the ministry, on Friday, in which he answered a question from the media.

He was asked whether there was an intention to open an investigation against 4,000 soldiers holding dual French and Israeli nationalities serving in the ranks of the Israeli army in the Gaza Strip, and who may have committed war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Lemoyne said: “These scenes are shocking and disgusting, and the French judiciary is the competent authority to look into crimes committed in foreign countries by persons holding French nationality, and it exercises this authority independently in accordance with the constitutional principle of separation of powers.”

Asked whether a more thorough investigation was needed in light of the International Court of Justice’s ruling on weapons sent to Israel, Lemoyne said France “has a very strict authorization mechanism for the use of war materials.”

 Three days earlier, Christophe Lemoine stated that France will not be investigating or arresting French citizens serving in the Israeli army during the war of genocide against the Palestinians in Gaza.

 His statements come after the South African Minister of International Relations and Cooperation, Naledi Pandor, released a statement stating that South Africans serving in the Israeli Army would be prosecuted upon return.


Another video of a Israeli-french soldiers in southern Gaza: “Here is Captain Loupy. He will take you to Gaza. We will massacre them. Massacre them. It will be great.”


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