New York Times reporting on Palestinian Prisoners in Israeli detention centers: Beatings, electrocution and sexual assaults.. The hell that Gaza detainees live in

The New York Times conducted an investigative report from inside a military base in southern Israel where Palestinian civilians from the Gaza Strip are being held, revealing some details of the types of torture, abuse, and denial of contact with lawyers and relatives to which they are subjected. The newspaper’s correspondent, Patrick Kingsley, who conducted the investigation, reported that in late May, the Israeli army allowed him to visit the detention center inside the Sde Teiman military base in southern Israel, for a brief period during which he interviewed its military leaders and other officials who spoke to him on condition of anonymity.


Among those interviewed by the newspaper’s correspondent was Younis al-Hamlawi, a 39-year-old Palestinian nurse who said he was arrested in November after leaving al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza City during an Israeli airstrike. Israeli soldiers accused him of having ties to Hamas.

Some of the detainees told the New York Times of horrific sexual assaults they suffered at the torture center, which left several with serious health complications and one of them dead.

Al-Hamlawi said he was forced to sit in an electric chair and was electrocuted until he could no longer control his urine.


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