Aid workers and UN staffers' deaths in Gaza near 90

Officials from the UN Inter-Agency Standing Committee (IASC) released a statement on 5 November calling for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza.

"For almost a month, the world has been watching the unfolding situation in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territory in shock and horror at the spiraling numbers of lives lost and torn apart," The statement signed by the 18 principals read.  

The statement touched on the humanitarian disaster unleashed on the Palestinians in Gaza. After touching on Israeli deaths, the report says the disproportionate killing of "civilians in Gaza is an outrage, as is cutting off 2.2 million Palestinians from food, water, medicine, electricity and fuel." 

"In Gaza, according to the Ministry of Health, nearly 9,500 people have been killed, including 3,900 children and over 2,400 women. More than 23,000 injured people require immediate treatment within overstretched hospitals," the statement continued.

Related, United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres called for a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip, warning that the Strip was turning into a "cemetery for children."

Guterres stressed - in a statement to journalists at the United Nations headquarters on Monday - that the unfolding catastrophe makes the need for a humanitarian ceasefire more urgent with every passing hour.

Guterres added, "I join the United Nations family in mourning the 89 of our colleagues in UNRWA who were killed in Gaza."


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