The Ways Hiroshima Exposed the Supremacist Foundation of the Modern Civilization

 Hiroshima the Graveyard of Decency of the Modern Man The Allies won World War II thanks to two bombs whose raw materials were made from Afr...

US elected officials admit to the acceptability of using nuclear weapons to win wars

After a US general justified the killing of civilians to win wars , a US elected official acknowledges the acceptability of using nuclear we...

Israel's use of American Mark 80 bombs has devastating and disproportionate effects when dropped on targets in Gaza, a mostly densely populated urban area

When President Joe Biden threatened in recent days to halt some arms shipments to Israel if it proceeded with its plans to invade Rafah in t...

US retired general abd firner Joint Chiefs of Staff, Mark Milley: We slaughtered people in massive numbers of innocent people

Mark Milley, US retired general who served as the 20th chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said during the AI Expo for National Competiti...

The mother of an Israeli prisoner accuses IDF of killing her son and his companions with the poison gas they pumped into one of the Gaza tunnels

The Israeli media revealed that the Israeli army recovered from a tunnel in Jabalia in the northern Gaza Strip the bodies of soldiers Ron Sh...

The "double standard" of the British media... This is how London's lies were promoted before the invasion of Iraq

  The British " Declassified " website talked about the role of the British media in promoting the lies of the British government ...






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