Independent media Investigation Report: Israeli airstrike that killed seven health workers in Lebanon used US munition

The British newspaper The Guardian confirmed that Israel used an American weapon in a raid that killed 7 health care workers in southern Lebanon on March 27, and it was called the “paramedic massacre” at the time.

The Guardian said in a report published on Monday that it examined fragments of a 500-pound MBR bomb and a US-made joint assault ammunition (JDAM) recovered by first responders from the scene of the attack, which Human Rights Watch described as a violation of international law.

The newspaper stated that the "GDAM" munitions are guidance kits produced by the American aviation company Boeing, which are attached to bombs it described as "dumb" weighing between 500 and 2,000 pounds and transformed into precise missiles guided by the Global Positioning System (GPS).

She pointed out that these munitions were essential to the Israeli war effort in Gaza and Lebanon, and were one of the most requested munitions from the United States.

The fragments found from the Habbariyeh attack in Lebanon included a fragment with what was indicated to be an “MBR 500” bomb, in addition to parts of the “GDAM” munition that connects the bomb to the guidance system and the remains of its engine.

The newspaper stressed that the raid on the health care center in Lebanon must have implications for American military aid to Israel.

On March 27, the Lebanese Civil Defense announced that 7 people were killed in an Israeli raid on an ambulance center in the town of Hebbariyeh in southern Lebanon.

The Israeli Air Force targeted an ambulance center belonging to the Islamic Emergency and Relief Authority, which led to its complete destruction - according to a local official in the town - while the paramedics were inside.

Five days after the attack on health care workers in Lebanon, Israel killed 7 more aid workers working for the World Central Kitchen in Gaza. This attack led to global outrage, and Israel described it as a "grave mistake."

The revelation that Israel used American weapons in an illegal attack comes at a time when US Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken, is scheduled to submit a report to Congress tomorrow, Tuesday, on whether he finds credible Israel’s assurances that its use of American weapons does not violate American or international law. 

Previsously, it was reported that some in State Department don’t believe Israel is using US weapons in accordance with international law.

Democratic Senator Chris Van Hollen said that the attack on Al-Habbariyeh in southern Lebanon should be reflected in Blinken's report to Congress.


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