Videos shown by AlJazeera documenting Israeli soldiers executing Palestinian civilians in northern Gaza

Reported exclusive scenes obtained by Al Jazeera showed Israeli soldiers executing Palestinian civilians as they attempted to return to the northern Gaza Strip via Al-Rashid Street.

Exclusive scenes show the bodies of Palestinian martyrs being buried in sand and among garbage, while another group of Palestinians whose fate is unknown watch the process.

The occupation soldiers used a bulldozer to bury their victims under the sand.

Al Jazeera previously broadcast exclusive pictures of executions carried out by the Israeli occupation forces against civilians in various places in the Gaza Strip.

Among these operations, occupation soldiers killed an elderly man inside a house in a neighborhood in Gaza City, and a drone fired missiles at young men in the southern Gaza Strip.

Previous scenes captured by an Israeli drone also showed the sniper of a boy in the northern Gaza Strip.

In another video Aljazeera has shown, another 4 civilians are killed by Israel drones, the exclusive scenes show the Israeli killing 4 unarmed civilians walking to return and check if there homes are still standing in Khan Yunis. 

The video as shown and commented on by Aljazeera: Source


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