International Justice orders Israel to take the necessary measures to ensure the end of famine in Gaza

The International Court of Justice in The Hague approved, by a majority of 14 votes out of 16, a decision binding on the Israeli occupation, reaffirming the precautionary measures contained in the decision it issued on January 26.

The court's judges ordered "Israel" to take all necessary and effective measures to ensure the entry of basic food supplies into the Gaza Strip and to stop the spread of famine there.

The Court unanimously decided to take all necessary measures to ensure close cooperation with the United Nations without delay, and the provision of services by all parties concerned, especially by increasing capabilities and the number of land crossings and keeping them open.

 It was also decided to ensure that the Israeli army does not commit acts that constitute a violation of any of the rights of the Palestinians in Gaza, including preventing the delivery of aid, in any way.

 The court decided that the occupation would, one month from today, submit a report to it on all the measures it took to implement the order it issued.

 In turn, the head of International Justice, Nawaf Salam, stressed the necessity of the new measures approved by the court today, explaining, at the same time, that these measures cannot fully achieve their effects, “unless the ceasefire decision is effectively adhered to during the month of Ramadan.” ", which was issued by the UN Security Council a few days ago.

 South Africa requested these new measures, as part of its ongoing case, in which South Africa accuses Israel of committing genocide in the GazaStrip.

 South Africa welcomed the court's decision, and the country's presidency said, in a statement, that "the most effective way to support the Palestinians' right to exist is through measures to prevent genocide, which were determined by the court," stressing that the changing conditions in Gaza "require the implementation of new strategies."

 The statement added that Palestinians are martyred not only as a result of bombing and ground attacks launched by the occupation, but also because of disease and famine, urging an end to military operations in Gaza and adherence to what was stated in the resolutions of “International Justice.”

 It is noteworthy that the International Court of Justice called on the Israeli occupation, two months ago, to take measures to prevent genocide in Gaza and direct incitement to it.

 The court then requested that “Israel” submit a report to it regarding its response to the planned measures after one month, and to take all immediate measures to protect the Palestinians in Gaza, in addition to taking immediate measures to allow humanitarian aid to enter the Strip.

 Despite the court’s demands and decisions, the Israeli occupation continued its war on the Gaza Strip, intensifying its targeting of civilians and all necessities of life, and tightening the siege, preventing the entry of required aid through land crossings, as part of the war of starvation that it is deliberately waging.




ICJ 6088812652955883672

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