BBC: "Released Palestinians tell the BBC the “violations” they were subjected to in Israeli prisons"

Palestinian prisoners released from Israeli jails say that guards carried out abuse and collective punishment in the weeks after the Hamas attacks on Israel on 7 October.

They have described being hit with sticks, having muzzled dogs set on them, and their clothes, food and blankets taken away.

One female prisoner has said she was threatened with rape, and that guards twice tear-gassed inmates inside the cells.

The BBC spoke to six people in total, all of whom said they were beaten before leaving jail.

The Palestinian Prisoners Society says some guards are alleged to have urinated on handcuffed Palestinian prisoners. And that six prisoners have died in Israeli custody in the past seven weeks.

Israel says all its prisoners are detained according to the law.

Eighteen-year-old Mohammed Nazzal was one of those released by Israel this week, in exchange for Israeli women and children held hostage by Hamas in Gaza.

He had been held in custody in Nafha Prison without charge since August, and says he does not know why he was arrested. source article 


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