The White House: We do not consider what is happening in Gaza to be “genocide”

US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan said on Monday that President Joe Biden's administration does not consider Israel's killing and starvation of Palestinian civilians in Gaza during its war with the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) a genocide.

Sullivan told reporters at the White House that the United States wants Hamas to defeat, adding that the Palestinians caught in the middle of the war are facing hell and that any major military operation carried out by Israel in Rafah would be a mistake.

“We do not believe that what is happening in Gaza is genocide,” Sullivan said. We have registered a categorical rejection of this assumption.” US government officials continue to deny that war crimes have happened in Gaza despite findings by independent NGOs and UN experts that genocide is being committed against the Palestinians genocide is being committed against the Palestinians. not just in Gaza, but also West Bank and for decades.

Sullivan expressed concern about reports that Israeli settlers were attacking a humanitarian aid convoy on its way to the Erez crossing in the northern Gaza Strip, which is the second incident of its kind in less than a week.

“It's infuriating that there are people attacking these vehicles and looting them,” Sullivan said. “It is completely unacceptable behavior.”

The US government position is of course a political position because governments do not determine if a crime of genocide is happening or had happened; courts do. Research and science do.

About five months ago, a country that knows about human rights abuses, South Africa, has accused a country built in the name of people who were subjected to a genocide in Europe, Israel, of violating the treaty on the prevention of the crime of genocide and asked the International Court of Justice to order Israel to stop its genocidal war on Palestinians. The Court have found that Israel is committing a plausible genocide and ordered it to take specific actions to fall back into compliance. Israel has done none of that.

Proving the crime of genocide is very difficult, because it requires not only to show that the perpetrators committed acts that are genocidal, but also establish that there was intent behind the action. The evidenceintroduced by South Africa is very strong. It presented statements by top Israel officials who explicitly stated what the goal of the war was and what are the steps they will take to achieve them, and all those statements and actions point to the full or partial destruction of Palestinians, not just in Gaza, but also West Bank.

Just weeks after the start of the war in Ukraine, Biden himself declared that conflict a genocide. When he was told that the number of civilians killed in Gaza in 20 days surpassed the number of people killed in Ukraine in 2 years, Biden rejected the validity of the number of Palestinians killed. The US government accusing other nation states of committing a genocide, as it did when it accused Russia of committing genocide in Ukraine in 2022, and refusing recognize war crimes committed by its allies destroys its standing in the world community and inflict harm on the victims of war crimes who would be denied remedial justice.

White Accuses Russian Troops of Committing Genocide in Ukraine

State-Induced Famine is a Crime

This comes at a time when independent media and NGOs have concluded that there is a state-induced starvation in Gaza. An investigation by The Independent concludes that Biden is complicit in the state-induced famine in Gaza:

 "Joe Biden has done more than arm Israel. He’s complicit in Gaza’s devastating famine".


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