World Central Kitchen founder José Andrés: “It seems Israel is waging a war against humanity itself”

It took a cook who likes to feed the hungry to shame Western leaders to stop the killing of civilians in Gaza.

During an interview with the American channel abc, José Andrés rejects the findings reached by the Israeli army regarding raid on the convoy of aid workers working for his organization, and said: “Every time something happens, we cannot include Hamas in the equation.”

Andres added: “It is no longer about the seven men and women in World Central Kitchen who died in this unfortunate event. This has been happening for a very long time. It has been six months of targeting anything that seemed to move.”

He continued: "This does not appear to be a war against terrorism. It no longer appears to be a war to defend Israel. In fact, at this stage, it is a war against humanity itself."

When the broadcaster asked him whether he was satisfied with the results of the report, he said: “The investigation must be much deeper (...) and I would say that the perpetrator of the crime cannot investigate himself.”


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