Shocking scenes from the Shifa hospital complex after Israeli forces withdrew from it: Dozens killed, evidence of field executions, and massive destruction...

 Gaza Civil Defense spokesman, Mahmoud Basal, reported that about 300 martyrs were found in the Al-Shifa Medical Complex and its surrounding areas west of Gaza City after the withdrawal of the occupation forces.

The Civil Defense spokesman confirmed that the occupation forces executed two handcuffed Palestinians in Al-Shifa Medical Complex.

 He also pointed out that Israeli armed forces burned the departments of Al-Shifa Hospital and destroyed all medical equipment and supplies, adding that the occupation bulldozed all the graves surrounding Al-Shifa Complex and took the bodies out of the ground.

 The Civil Defense spokesman, speaking to Al-Mayadeen, indicated that all the relief appeals that we received in the past show today that all their owners were martyred in the Al-Shifa Complex.

 According to the spokesman, it is difficult to count the number of martyrs, pointing out that the Israeli armed forces bulldozed the roads and buried the bodies inside and around the Shifa complex.

 He also said that they found in the blood bank of the Al-Shifa Complex a martyr who was handcuffed and shot directly in the head, while the majority of the bodies were decomposed, and that they arrived at bodies that were skeletons after being burned inside the complex.

 While he talked about the presence of dozens of dead people in the residential apartments surrounding the Shifa complex as part of the massacres committed by the Israeli armed forces.

Journalists describing the scene express shock

A journalist working for the American network CNN described the scene at Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza on Monday after the withdrawal of Israeli forces from the medical complex, noting that it looked like a "horror movie."

Khader Al-Zaanoun said: “It feels like a horror movie. This cannot be real.” He continued: “Bulldozers are shoveling people’s bodies everywhere around and inside the hospital courtyard.”

Al-Zanoun indicated that people arrived at the complex searching for missing members of their families.

The journalist added: "Many families are searching for their loved ones and cannot find them. Some of them are known to have been killed, but their bodies are still missing."

Al-Zaanoun added: "We found entire families killed and their bodies decomposed in the houses surrounding the hospital."

Al-Zanoun said that the people who survived in the complex were suffering from malnutrition.

He added: "The people who are alive inside the hospital are suffering from starvation, as they were given one bottle of water per day, which was shared by 6 people."

Al-Zaanoun continued: “I look around me and I cannot believe what I see,” and added: “This goes beyond the description of a crime.”


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