Bodies without heads and bodies without skins... Mass Graves found in Khan Yunis, Gaza

One of the dead bodies, which were found on Sunday in mass graves left by the Israeli army in Nasser Hospital in southern Gaza, show what appears like medical scrubs and handcuffed.

While there is talk about hundreds of missing people in Khan Yunis after the Israeli withdrawal, the government media office and civil defense indicated that the bodies that were recovered belong to Palestinians of different groups and ages, who were killed by the occupation forces during their storming of the compound and buried them collectively inside it.

In details, the director of the Government Information Office in Gaza, Ismail Al-Thawabta, announced that the occupation had prepared a cemetery within the walls of the Nasser complex to hide its crimes, expecting the bodies of 700 martyrs to be found in mass graves who were executed by the occupation inside the complex.

He explained that the Israeli occupation executed dozens of displaced, wounded, sick and medical personnel, pointing out that the fate of dozens of those who were in the Nasser complex is still unknown after the occupation’s withdrawal.

He called for the opening of an international investigation to find out the reasons for “the evaporation and decomposition of the bodies of some martyrs,” pointing out that corpses were found without heads, bodies without skin, and some of them had their organs stolen.

  Earlier, on Sunday, civil defense teams in the Gaza Strip announced the discovery of a mass grave containing dozens of martyrs, in the Nasser Medical Complex in Khan Yunis, south of the Gaza Strip.

The Civil Defense reported, in a press statement, that it was able to recover the bodies of 190 martyrs from mass graves in Khan Yunis, south of the Gaza Strip, noting that the occupation forces collected the bodies of the martyrs and buried them collectively inside the hospital.

The Civil Defense in Gaza: "We have so far recovered 283 bodies of martyrs from the mass grave dug by the Israeli army in the courtyard of the Nasser Medical Complex in Khan Yunis."

Ashraf al-Qudra, the spokesman for the Ministry of Health in Gaza, reports disturbing findings regarding the dozens of corpses recovered from the mass graves dug by the Israeli army at Nasser Hospital in Khan Yunis. 

Among the grim discoveries were bodies found without heads, skin, and some had their organs removed.

Eyewitnesses from the vicinity of Nasser indicated that the occupation forces moved the bodies and placed dirt on them to make identifying them more difficult.

They also described the scenes from the place as “cruel,” as each body recovered is placed in a grave alone. “Unidentified” is written on the graves of the martyrs who have not been identified, in addition to details of the clothes they were wearing so that anyone might recognize them in the future.

The Ministry said, through a statistical report on the 199th day of the war: “The Israeli occupation is committing 6 massacres against families in the Gaza Strip, including 54 deaths and 104 injuries to hospitals during the past 24 hours.”

She stressed that “there are still a number of victims under the rubble and on the roads, and ambulance and civil defense crews cannot reach them.”

With the new victims, the ministry reported that “the toll of the Israeli aggression has risen to 34,151 martyrs and 77,84 injuries since the seventh of last October.”

The Ministry had previously announced, on Sunday, that the number of casualties had risen to “34,97 martyrs and 76,980 injuries.” 48 Palestinians were killed and 79 injured, as a result of Israel committing 5 massacres against families, according to a statement.

Media reporting on mass killings in Gaza:


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