Gaza's lost generation of children; Mexico and Chile refer Israel to the ICC for human rights crimes in Gaza

'Generation of lost kids'

Fighting has ravaged Gaza, according to an AFP tally based on official Israeli figures.

At least 24,448 Palestinians, more than 70 percent of them women, young children and adolescents, have been killed in Israeli bombardments and ground assaults, according to the Gaza health ministry's latest figures.

While Israel expects the war to rage on for months, half a million children aged six to 14 are estimated to have no access to education.


"After almost 100 days of violence, killing, bombardment and captivity for children in Gaza, all the suffering has been too much," UNICEF Special Representative Lucia Elmi said at a Palais des Nations press briefing on Jan 12. 

“With every passing day, children and families in the Gaza Strip face increased risk of death from the sky, disease from lack of safe water, and deprivation from lack of food. And for the two remaining Israeli children still held hostage in Gaza, their nightmare that began on 7 October continues."

OCHA reports on Gaza

The United Nations' Office for the Co-ordination of Humanitarian Affairs (Ocha) publishes regular bulletins on the impact of the war, and they make for grim reading.

Its latest updates say that at least 60% of homes or housing units in Gaza have been "destroyed or damaged". Nine in every 10 schools have suffered "significant damage". Hospitals, public buildings and electricity networks have also been hit.

Mexico and Chile refer the aggression against Gaza to the International Criminal Court

Yesterday, Thursday, Mexico and Chile referred the file of the Israeli war on the Gaza Strip to the International Criminal Court, to investigate possible crimes, and they also expressed their growing concern about the escalation of violence against civilians.

The Mexican Foreign Ministry said in a statement that the International Criminal Court is the appropriate place to determine potential criminal liability, whether committed by "agents of the occupying power or the occupying power."

She noted that the step taken by Mexico and Chile comes as a result of growing concern over the recent escalation of violence, especially violence directed against civilians.

It is noteworthy that Israel is not a member of the International Criminal Court, which is based in The Hague, and does not recognize its judicial authority. However, the ICC Prosecutor confirmed that the court has jurisdiction regarding possible war crimes committed by Israel in the Strip.

In the US, still no political will to stop the war and push for long term solution 

US Senator Bernie Sanders said that the United States is complicit in the nightmare experienced by the Palestinian people, and this coincided with growing criticism within the Senate towards the positions of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

In a speech before the Senate, Sanders stressed that he finds it difficult to understand why Congress does not act to stop the suffering of the Palestinians and address the humanitarian catastrophe they face in Gaza, and said that the United States is complicit in the tragedy that millions of Palestinians are experiencing.

For her part, Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren described Netanyahu's refusal to establish a Palestinian state within any post-war arrangements as "dangerous." She said that this refusal contradicts American policy.

Warren stressed that Washington supports the two-state solution because it is the only way to guarantee peace, security, and dignity for Israelis and Palestinians.

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