The Washington Post: Israel used American white phosphorus bombs in its attack on Lebanon

An investigation conducted by the American newspaper “The Washington Post” shows that “Israel used white phosphorus supplied by the United States in an attack on Lebanon, which it carried out in October, resulting in the injury of at least 9 civilians.”

In its investigation, the newspaper relied on the analysis of fragments of 3 155 mm artillery shells fired by “Israel” on the town of Al-Dhaira, on the border with occupied Palestine.

The newspaper reported that “the production codes for the parts on the shells match the designations used by the US Army to classify domestically produced munitions, which show that they were manufactured by munitions depots in Louisiana and Arkansas in 1989 and 1992.”

It also reported that weapons experts said that “the light green color and other markings such as “WP” printed on one of the shells are consistent with white phosphorous rounds.”

It is worth noting that the same matter was confirmed by Amnesty International, in a previous statement, where it stated that “Israel is using artillery shells in southern Lebanon that contain internationally prohibited incendiary white phosphorus,” confirming that they injured civilians in residential areas.

The organization said that the Israeli "army" fired artillery shells containing white phosphorus, during military operations carried out along the southern Lebanese border between the 10th and 16th of this October.

The organization called for an investigation into what it considered a “war crime” committed by “Israel” in its attack on the town of Al-Dhahira a few days ago, as the attack did not distinguish between civilians and military personnel, and led to the injury of at least 9 civilians.

Human Rights Watch also confirmed earlier that the Israeli occupation used white phosphorus in its attacks on Gaza and Lebanon on October 10 and 11.

White phosphorus is an incendiary substance that is used to create a dense smoke screen, or to identify targets.

When exposed to air, it burns at extremely high temperatures. People exposed to white phosphorus can suffer respiratory problems, organ failure, and other serious, life-altering injuries, including burns that are extremely difficult to treat and cannot be extinguished with water.

White phosphorus burns, which affect an area not exceeding 10% of the body, are often fatal.

The Israeli occupation continues its attacks on southern villages and towns in Lebanon, which resulted in dead and wounded civilians.

Reacting to this news story, US officials expressed concern.

White House spokesman John Kirby told reporters on Monday said that the United States is concerned about reports that Israel used US-supplied white phosphorus munitions in an attack in October in southern Lebanon.

“We looked at the reports,” Kirby told reporters aboard Air Force One. We are certainly concerned about this. “We will ask questions to try to find out more.”

Kirby said white phosphorus has a “legitimate military use” for illumination and smoke production to conceal movements.

He added, “It is clear that when we provide materials such as white phosphorus to another army, we fully expect that they will be used for these legitimate purposes... and in accordance with the laws of armed conflict.”

The large number of civilians killed in Gaza in such short time might be explained by the use of powerful bombs provided by the US, and Israel's use of "dumb bombs", as reported by the media.


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