Monday, November 26, 2012

Documenting War Crimes in Syria

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Documenting War Crimes in Syria

Location: Deraa-Syria
Date: 13-Jul-2012
Victims: unknown
Perpetrators: FSA

Unknown body found on a highway with piece of paper says "Killed for supporting Assad"

FSA Free Syrian Army is accused of war crimes & crimes against humanity by the UN,HRW.
Free Syrian Army's crimes against humanity including execution of captured anti-revolution civilians.

War Crimes in Syria

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Documenting Crimes Against Humanity; 19/09/12; Insurgents in Al Raqqa are believed to have killed around 15 government loyalists at least some of whom appear to have been executed. Numerous Mass executions of dozens of prisoners have been carried out by rebel groups in Aleppo although in this instance it's possible that some of the dead could have been killed in battle.

Documenting Crimes Against Humanity

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War Crimes in Syria

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