The New York Times: The Israeli army destroyed at least 6 cemeteries during its incursion into northern Gaza; Israeli forces desecrate mosques

  The American New York Times newspaper confirmed that Israeli army ground forces destroyed at least six cemeteries during their incursion i...

Life under occupation in West Bank

After arresting Palestinians in West Bank, Israeli occupation forces paint the Star of David on both sides of the door of Palestinian homes...

Instrumentalizing human rights for political gains: sensationalized media coverage of alleged human rights crimes instead of independent investigation betrays the victims

The French newspaper “ Libération ” published a lengthy investigation into the stories circulated by the Israeli authorities about cutting o...

The Washington Post: Israel used American white phosphorus bombs in its attack on Lebanon

An investigation conducted by the American newspaper “ The Washington Post ” shows that “Israel used white phosphorus supplied by the United...

Alma, the 12-year-old Child under Gaza rubble who came out to rescue her baby brother

Alma, the 12-year-old Child under Gaza rubble, her home destroyed by the most powerful bombs on earth, Alma, was not worried about her own l...






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