Edgar Morin about the Gaza Genocide: "At least, I say: bear witness"

American actor John Cusack, via his social media account, re-published a video clip of French philosopher Edgar Morin, in which he talks abo...

UN aid workers and NGO doctors suffering from psychological trauma as they collect bodies in Gaza streets

 Aljazeera television broadcasted shocking images of men and women dead in the streets of Gaza, with UN aid workers neither having the mean...

BBC documents the destruction of most of Gaza's universities

Videos and photos confirmed by a BBC Arabic fact-finding team showed the destruction or damage of the largest higher education institutions ...

UNRWA: Hunger is everywhere in the Gaza Strip

The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) said on Sunday that hunger has become everywhere in the Gaza Strip...

New York Times's Sexual Violence Exposee challenged by Kibbutz leaders: “It’s not true"

 Kibbutz Be'eri spokesman Michal Paikin denied the accounts contained in the report published by the New York Times in December of last ...






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