After massacres and “ethnic cleansing” crimes, the army forcibly recruits Rohingya Muslims into its battles

According to news media reports, and with nearly seven years after the Myanmar army killed thousands of Rohingya Muslims, in an action the U...

UN: 26 Rohingya refugees died at sea making perilous journey

 At least 26 Rohingya Muslims had died in dire conditions during a month at open sea while making a dangerous voyage that brought scores of ...

Poor Generosity: The poorest Muslim country, Bangladesh, is doing more for refugees than all rich Arab Countries

Editors' Comment: Saudi Arabians rulers just spent nearly $500 trillions on weapons. When the Saudi rulers go on vacation, they take an...

Nobel Prize Winner, Aung San Suu Kyi, presiding over the Rohingya Genocide

Desmond Tutu condemns Aung San Suu Kyi: 'Silence is too high a price' Nobel laureate issues heartfelt letter to fellow peace prize...






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